Sprayed with three proof paint for Nano/Orin NX

Can the Jetson module be sprayed with three proof paint.

Hi, don’t really get what you mean. Anyway, it is not recommended to change the default status of module.


Customer want to paint on the Nano/Orin NX for preventing moisture, salt spray, and mold.



We don’t have such recommendation. Seems it should be ok, but has not been verified yet.

I used to use conformal coating. I don’t know about the three proof, but you’d have to avoid thermally insulating something that needs to dissipate heat, e.g., the heat sink, plus connectors. Sometimes though heat occurs in places not expected. If you have a thermal camera, then you might consider looking where the heat is at, and comparing with a test case which is well-covered in the three paint (never cover the heat sink or connectors though; I also suggest any Wi-Fi wire not be covered so that it can move).


Noted it with many thanks.

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