SSS problem

Hello, I cant get the right results for the character with SSS in RTX Real-time in the new beta. In the old version of the app I was using material with base color image for the subsurface color image and set overall subsurface weight like 0.02. I was using only base color map in the subsurface settings and it was giving nice results for the whole character.

However in the newest version I cant get the same result. I can get soft skin with subsurface weight to 1, but it doesn’t show the original base color map, so the whole character looks like milk, because subsurface completely overwrites base color, but it should blend with it. I cant really understand how you can get good looking character with the new sss.

I thought it was a feature :v I had the same issue and gave up using SSS in real time renderer.

Hello @Aqualonix! The development team asked me if you could provide the steps you took to cause this problem so that we can help troubleshoot the issue.

(An internal development ticket was created from this post. OM-51786: SSS Problem)

Hi, just try to use any mesh with the basic color map. Then use the same color map in the subsurface settings in the color image with the scattering presets set to custom. Set subsurface weight to small value like 0.02. Then you will get that soft effect that gives the skin feeling. That’s how it works before 2022 beta in the RTX realtime. Now if I want to get this look in the new versions I need to increase the subsurface weight, but then it will completely overwrite the color map. I found that if I disable ambient light intensity it will show me the color map with the subsurface weight set to 1 but that’s a completely different behavior from the previous version.

Thank you @Aqualonix! Would you be willing to share your file with us? You can email it to me at

Hi! I just sent you the files. Also found another Create crash. If I want to use movie capture second time, the app just crashes. Sent you the logs.