ST60 wifi USB/UART connected to M.2 Key E Slot J505 in AGX Xavier Kit not working

We are using AGX Xavier Dev kit with 5.0.2 jetpack.
We are trying to connect ST60-2230C-U (USB/UART) to M.2 Key E Slot J505
The M.2 Key E slot supports PCIE, USB, UART, etc.

While the driver is loading, it is able to find the firmware file, after this it is a giving an error as usb blk error as -71 (EPROTO) and saying failed to download the firmware.

May be the current UPHY for J505 M.2 E slot is currently in PCIe and needs to changed to USB ?

Do we need to do any change in AGX Xavier DTS files like UPHY, ODMDATA ?

Kindly help

There is no support to change this on Xaiver AGX. Only support PCIE kind of card on the m.2 key E slot.

In the M2 Key E Slot schematic, the 3 (USB_DP) and 5 (USB_DM) pins are matching correctly with the ST60 USB_D+ and USB_D- pins

Hence it looks like this should work ?
ST60 shows it uses 3.3V, may be agx M2 Key E slot USB pins uses 1.8V ?

Or do we need to config in agx to use the USB pins in M2 Key E Slot ?

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