startup issues--noob

I have a mac and a samsung evo 128gb sd card. I have a monitor with DVI input. I’ve tried both hdmi to dvi and dp to hdmi cables. The monitor never shows anything.

When I look at my router it shows ‘16 tegra-ubuntu 00-E0-4C-68-00-F8 01:36:47’ which is clearly the jetson nano.

I’ve tried various things to write the sd card. I must say the mac instructions at
look confused; first burn the sd card with etcher then reformat it???

I’ve tried using the pipe version and using the extracted .img file. I’ve tried instructions at
which seem more coherent.

I also have to say that a board coming from NVIDIA of all companies should be able to cope with an HDMI-DVI cable.

I do have another power supply coming later today; currently I’m using one seeed sent with the nano.


Are you able to ssh to device and dump log? Blanking monitor means either a hdmi driver issue or the system boot up issue.

Hi raine001,

for preparing the SD Card the most convenient way is to use etcher. Flash it and you’re done.

As mentioned in the getting started instructions: “HDMI to DVI is not supported”

Sadly enough you’ll need a monitor as you have to go through the setup before you can use SSH

Jetson Nano supports usb-ethernet interface and you should be able to ping a when usb cable is connected on the Nano micro usb port. You could try to ssh through that ip too. That one is a fixed IP so you don’t need a HDMI monitor to look up the IP.

Is there a way to SSH into the Nano directly after flashing the SD Card ?
What credentials/password should be used ?


Oops, sorry that I forgot the setting. Then I think only UART debugger can help at this moment.

I have a DP to DVI cable now and am using that to connect the nano to a computer monitor. Assuming the default monitor output setting is ‘mirror’ that should work.I still see nothing and the monitor reports ‘no signal’.

I could try plugging it into a TV with and HDMI-HDMI cable, I suppose. Question all assumptions.

I’ve been assuming (without research) that I would need to accept EULA etc, etc before I can ssh in at (as shown by my router) if that’s not the case then I would need to know the default user,pwd.

Thanks for the sanity check that Etcher alone is enough. The mac setup instructions seem weird.


I would try to go the direct way (HDMI-HDMI or DP-DP) without any adapter.
If it’s working with your TV do the initial setup and then use SSH

Partial success! I moved to a TV with HDMI input. Now I can see the boot sequence, accept EULA. It is not really talking to my Mac keyboards to get past the end of setup (set name,pwd, etc) but it’s a different issue.

So the initial setting is not to mirror the HDMI and DP sockets and using DP-DVI for initial setup is not a viable choice.

I’ll try some other keyboards, perhaps the 4 USB sockets are not equivalent.

The physical setup here for using the TV as a monitor is terrible, but presumably I can fix that once I get the keyboard issue solved and can enter commands to enable mirroring and ssh.

Could you also share the part number or a link for the HDMI to DVI cable?

Sorry, it is one I’ve had for a long time. I have no idea about part number. I did see one thread that said that some HDMI-DVI cables with some monitors worked.

I had success with a keyboard that was for a PC (rather than a Mac) and since then I’ve used ssh and RDP with good results.