State of DirectX interop.


What’s the state of DirectX interop on OptiX 4.1.0? I see that optix::Context still doesn’t expose it and it’s not mentioned in the programming guide, but the C API still contains the relevant functions in optix_d3d11_interop.h. So before I start re-writting my interop layer to use the C API I’d like to know if it even works or if I should wait for 4.2. If it’s not yet 100% done and you’re looking for beta testers, then I’d also happily lend a hand.


DirectX interop is not currently supported in OptiX 4+. Can you tell us what you’re doing with it, and make a good case for bringing it back? You can send mail to optix-help if you like, or post here.


I only use OptiX for my sparetime path tracing, where I picked DirectX over OpenGL because I wanted learn DirectX, since I’d only used OpenGL in the past. I guess that choice is going to bite me in the ass now. :)
That’s not really a good case though, so all I can argue is ‘don’t deprecate what works well’ and ‘professional pride’. I hope that it gets reintroduced sometime soon’ish. Until then I guess I can do it myself using CUDA buffers and CUDA-DX interop.
You should deleted the optix_d3d11_interop.h and similar headers then though, if it’s not supported at all. Just to avoid any future confussions.

Agreed, we should stop publishing the deprecated headers.