Static Triangle Actors, Is it better to......

Have 1 or many.

I have (will have) a potentially large group of static triangle collision actors, terrain, mountains, etc that needed to be created/cooked at startup. Currently Im combining all their triangles and indices into two large lists, transforming vertices (at startup), cooking and creating a single actor to represent the world. There is some obvious load time to do this.

In terms of startup/load time, Im wondering if there would be any benefit to creating a static actor for each object, passing a transform with each objects triangle geometry, and cooking multiple static actors (rather then combining into 1 actor).

Most likely the single mesh approach will be faster at loading but there are a bunch of runtime performance disadvantages when your world consists of a single mesh. Splitting the world into mesh cells and local groups of static objects will usually give better performance when there are interactions with dynamic objects.

Later reply, just noticed this, thx. The world isnt very big right now. Ill likely break it down in time.