Stiffness, damping setting in joint drive

As you can see in this picture, I connected this machine with four joints, three revolutejionts and one prismaticjoint. To heft the left arm, I added a linear drive to the prismaticjoint , but no matter which I set in damping and stiffness. It shook and needed a long time to be static, and the two prisms I had added joint between seemed fail to be at the axis I had set in joint Physics, what’s wrong was it?

Hi, I have the same problem but still couldn’t find a solution for that. Did you figure out the reason of this? If you did please let me know thanks :)

Hi, the joint driver is a PD controller, with the formula
you can program a Python code to modify the stiffness and damping, but for me in this usd, the problem is the mass was calculated automaticly too large. you can report the mass by Physics Debug extension. In many cases, the usd you import from the other software may have the wrong mass for the units are set wrong.
In most cases, if you want a stable position, just set the stiffness with a large number, and give the damping zero or a much smaller number, and if you want a stable velocity, set the damping with large number.
Hoping this can solve your problem.