Strange bug with Gtx 750ti

Hi guys, i just bought nvidia geforce 750ti graphics card, i have installed newest drivers 340.52 and CUDA Toolkit 6.5 . Now i’m developing application for image processing using EmguCV and C# and i want it to execute on GPU. Now when i install EmguCV and start some of Example apps like FaceDetection, on CPU it exectues in 500ms and on GPU it stuns for 3-5mins and than it executes. I have tried different versions of drivers with different versions of EmguCV library and the problem is always there… I also switched between windows 8.1 and win7 and nothing helps. Now i’ve tested examples on friends graphics cards gtx 780 and gtx 550 and everything works fine. So does anyone have any idea what to do or anyway that i can test if everything is ok with CUDA cores ?

Thanks in advance

when the kernel was compiled for Compute 1.x, 2.x or 3.x a so-called JIT compiler has to take the PTXAS code and compile it into instructions for Compute 5.0.

For complex kernels, this can take several seconds. I’ve even seen the JIT’er crash for very complex kernels (ran out of stack memory).

The solution is to make sure the kernels are compiled (also) for Compute 5.0 architecture.



thank you very much for fast reply. Although since i am still new to this subject, could you give a little more details what exactly should i do? Or point me to some tutorials.

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Recompile the libraries you depend on using CUD SDK 6.5. Could be difficult if support for compute 5.0 wasn’t already added…