Student looking for help on Isaac ROS


I am currently on a project where we’re trying to build a scaled-down autonomous vehicle to drive around the building using a Jetson Orin processor.
I am pretty confused on how to get started building the software environment in Isaac ROS. I come with a background in ROS 1, but I am just getting started with ROS2 and know very little about Docker containers. I followed the Quickstart procedures on the GitHub pages for Visual SLAM and nvblox, but am lost on what to do next to get them to work with my Realsense camera (mostly lost on the Docker container part).

Do you have any recommendations for place I can go to read up on Isaac ROS (for dummies)?


Hello, could you please describe in more detail what is not working with the provided container? Here is the readme that you can go through to understand the Docker container utilization in Isaac ROS.

And here are the links to a few tutorials which work with RealSense.

  1. Realsense setup
  2. Nvblox RealSense example
  3. Home page for all Isaac ROS tutorials