Sudden kernel panic in ccplex

Sudden kernel panic happened after a reboot, here is a description of my environment :

  • Xavier NX devkit
  • Jetson Mate Carrier board
  • BSP 32.6.1

Reflashing bsp 32.6.1 and 32.7.1 on the Jetson Mate and on the provided carrier board doesn’t work.

putty.log (31.9 KB)

Please contact vendor of the carrier board for further suggestion and support. The issue looks specific to the carrier board since we have done SQA test on default developer kit. On the default set up if you do clean re-flash, it should boot up without issue.

I tried a clean re-flash on the default set as well, this is where I got the log from. I am stuck on a kernel panic no matter how I re-flash the board no matter which carrier board is used. (jetson mate carrier and nvidia carrier board)


Please share us the log based on NV devkit. We don’t know much about jetson mate carrier.

Here is the log based on NV devkit
putty.log (48.3 KB)


Could you remove the quiet inside /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf and reflash your board again?

Also, how many Xavier NX module do you have on your side?

I only have 1 Xavier NX module.
Here is the log after a reflash, without the quiet bootarg.

putty.log (88.0 KB)

Could you share how you flash your board step by step?


  • Download Jetson BSP 32.7.1 for Xavier NX
  • Download sample rootfs for Xavier NX
  • Extract BSP
  • Extract sample rootfs like this sudo tar xf <rootfs_archive> -C Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/
  • sudo ./apply_binaries
  • Put the Xavier NX in RCM and connect to my PC
  • sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit mmcblk0p1

Could you take a picture of how you connect your board with your host?

You can install the system image through SDKManager and do not need to execute the manual steps. Please try and check if you can make successful installation through SDKMAnager.

I remove the RCM header once lsusb shows the device correctly

The exact same problem happens with SDKManager

And just to double confirm, if you flash back to jp4.6 now, the issue is just gone?

Same thing with jp4.6 as well

So your issue has nothing to do with the jetpack release version, right?

Yes it happens regardless of the version used

Then might need to RMA this module. Sounds not a software issue.

I issued an RMA to Silicon Highway, from which I bought the module, is there anything else to do ?
Or would it be preferred to have you handle the situation ?

No, there is nothing we can do here.