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I think the example standalone_examples/api/omni.replicator.isaac/ from the domain randomization example needs to be modified on the while loop.

Due to world.step(render=True) being in the if, the simulation stop just after the world is created. world.step(render=True) has to place at the top of the while loop.

frame_idx = 0
while simulation_app.is_running():
    if world.is_playing():
        reset_inds = list()
        if frame_idx % 200 == 0:
            # triggers reset every 200 steps
            reset_inds = np.arange(num_envs)
        # world.step(render=True)
        frame_idx += 1



Hi there, thanks for reporting this. In this example, the world.reset() call will actually start simulation, so once the code reaches the while loop, simulation should already be playing. However, it would make sense to do the stepping outside of the if statement to ensure that the UI updates even when simulation is stopped.

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