Suggestion for high performance Jetson TX2 camera for automotive scenario

Hi everyone,

We’re looking for some suggestions on camera options supported by Jetson TX2. We’re targeting automotive scenarios, so speed up to 50km/h, outdoors usage, temperatures from -20C to +40C. Preferred resolution should be 1080p with 100FPS and YUV442 as output format.

According to, we should go for CSI camera instead of USB due to performance reasons. We also want to make sure we’re utilizing hardware video encoding to its max.

Any pointers would be amazing!



Hi bogdan0kg3v,

We have enabled some camera partners, and their products may fit your required, please find their information from below:


We are supporting below list of YUV cameras for Jestson TX2.

Kindly write your detailed use case requirement to us We will help you with your requirement.

I am working on a project aiming at automating poultry grading. The chain speed is 100 birds/minute. The model has to detect broken parts, bruises, scratched skin and other types of defects. Can you assist on best camera choices? I will be using TX2