Support for 3D Spacemouse (3DConnexion)

It would be nice to have support for the industry standard (CAD but not only) way of moving around and navigating the 3D view.
3DConnexion Spacemouse.


Hello @user27228! We have an internal ticket to include support for the 3DConnexion (Internal Ticket OM-35839). I will inform the development team about this post.

In the meantime , take a look at this post link for a possible workaround until the dev team Python SpaceNavagator


Oh man thanks for this reply I would also like to add my whole hearted support for this feature! Is there any way to follow the ticket? Either way, thank you and I look forward to it.


Yes, a 3d mouse increase the productivity a lot. Left hand to 3d navigate and right hand for the mouse.

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+1 for spacemouse support in Omniverse


I notice that in recent versions of Omniverse, Carb reports the following:

2022-11-08 08:59:17 [2,900ms] [Warning] [carb.windowing-glfw.gamepad] Joystick with unknown remapping detected (will be ignored): SpaceMouse Wireless [030000006f2500002ec6000000000000]
2022-11-08 08:59:17 [2,933ms] [Warning] [carb.windowing-glfw.gamepad] Joystick with unknown remapping detected (will be ignored): 3Dconnexion KMJ Emulator [03000000efbe00006d04000000000000]
2022-11-08 08:59:17 [2,934ms] [Warning] [carb.windowing-glfw.gamepad] Joystick with unknown remapping detected (will be ignored): SpaceMouse Wireless Receiver [030000006f2500002fc6000000000000]

Is there a Python interface to carb.windowing-glfw.gamepad that allows us to map (inject) mouse and keyboard events into the stack? If that is possible, it would be possible for the community to write a shim between the spacemouse events coming from GitHub - johnhw/pyspacenavigator: 3Dconnexion Space Navigator in Python using raw HID (windows only) and carb, that remaps to combinations of keypresses and mouse events.

I’ve looked at carb.windowing — kit-sdk 103.1 documentation but that doesn’t appear to cover windowing.gamepad


Same here, could you provide support for Spacemouse ?

Hello @WendyGram , was there any progress on this ticket, having support would be incredibly helpful.

No update ? No reply ?

Unfortunately, this ticket and this issue is still being evaluated. We do not get a lot of requests for this type of device.

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I know, there are less power users than regular users but all other software on the market have a dedicated plugin (Unreal, Unity, Enscape, Revit, Rhino, Lumion).
We might be a small community but we are mighty !!

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Yes I understand and appreciate the request. I will bring up the ticket to the devs again.


Adding my full support for this. Not being able to use the spacemouse seems like a major drawback, when you can use it in pretty much any other professional 3d tool.

It is so common in the engineering and pro 3d world, which is one the target markets for professional omniverse users.

Is there no way to do this with C#?


You may not get a lot of requests for this type of device because you possibly don’t have enough users in this particular space yet?

Sort of like Wacom has an effective monopoly on tablets in the professional 2D design world, 3DConnexion has an effective monopoly in the professional 3D design world (note, I’m talking design for physical products here, not gaming).

I would go so far to say that not supporting 3DConnexion is pretty close to being a showstopper for adoption where I work.

“3D connexion mouse” it’s in the first place with more replies in the Omniverse/Developer forum and in the 4º place with more views (3.2k)… these numbers speak for themselves.

I acknowledge this :-) I will pass it along


[quote=“michael.davey, post:6, topic:193745”]
Joystick with unknown remapping detected (will be ignored): SpaceMouse Wireless[/quote]

I also saw this just now and I tried a regular gamepad and it worked! So, Omniverse could really support 3D Connexion devices without using their software even, just like Blender (and I think Rhino) does!

Yes the gamepad is amazing in OV. We are evaluating the Space Mouse also

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Bump - came looking for 3D mouse in OV. Please add 3D connexion functionality.