Support for 3D Spacemouse (3DConnexion)

It would be nice to have support for the industry standard (CAD but not only) way of moving around and navigating the 3D view.
3DConnexion Spacemouse.


Hello @user27228! We have an internal ticket to include support for the 3DConnexion (Internal Ticket OM-35839). I will inform the development team about this post.

In the meantime , take a look at this post link for a possible workaround until the dev team Python SpaceNavagator


Oh man thanks for this reply I would also like to add my whole hearted support for this feature! Is there any way to follow the ticket? Either way, thank you and I look forward to it.


Yes, a 3d mouse increase the productivity a lot. Left hand to 3d navigate and right hand for the mouse.

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