Teleoperation of a franka with a 3D mouse in isaac sim is possible?


Lately I’m trying to find information about how to perform a teleoperation with a Franka robot, but all I see is information for mobile robots like the jetson or so. Besides, the information I have found talks about gamepads or keyboards but I don’t see anything related to a 3D mouse. The tutorial talks about gamepads and keyboards too:

I want to use my SpaceMouse Compact to perform a teleoperation task moving the end effector of the robot using this mouse. Is possible to do so?

@mlasa chiming in here as another user - there was a long thread where users have been wanting the support, but it appears to be a dream where it’s most likely not going to happen without further development/cooperation between the orgs. see more here:

You can try to use the Orbit framework.
I saw that they have this:

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oh, that’s pretty cool. thanks for sharing! i haven’t worked much with Orbit, so will have to keep this in mind in the future.

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Thank you for this input! I will check it!

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