Support for Fedora 9?

I attempted an installation of 7.2-5 on a Fedora 9 linux cluster. I got the same warnings about an unknown glibc that I see reported by another user for 7.1-6. The somewhat reassuring reply to that question was that the installation “should be” fine, but 7.1-6 had not been tested on Fedora 9 and was therefore not officially supported.

I presume 7.2-5 is in the same category. Do you have a timeline for testing on Fedora 9?

Hi gap,

Fedora 9 support should be available in our 8.0-1 release which will be out shortly.

The authors of glibc have been very good about not breaking compatibility. This is why we changed our install scripts to just issue a warning about the unknown glibc instead of aborting. However, it has happened in the past so we are never able to official support future version of operating systems.

  • Mat