installation of portability package errors

I get an error when trying to install the portability package on a linux box. The portability package I downloaded is


When I run the install script, I get the following error:

ERROR: unknown glibc version (2.8).

I am running Fedora (

I installed the standard development packages when I installed fc9.

Any ideas? I installed the trial version of the compiler on another machine running the same version of linux and it is running fine.

Thanks for your help.

Hi jbogle,

Since 7.0 was released before Fedora 9, the installer does not recognize the glibc version. You can work around the problem by adding a case for glibc 2.8 at line 184 of the “install” script by copying the case for 2.5.

Note that PGI release 7.0 has not been tested on Fedora 9 so is not an officially supported configuration.

  • Mat

Thanks, Mat. That did solve the install script crashing.

I tried to run a executable compiled on another FC9 computer using ver7 of the compiler and it generated the following error:

/home/jbogle/bin/sara2d.huge: symbol lookup error: /home/jbogle/bin/sara2d.huge: undefined symbol: __pgi_ctrl_init

Is this where the unsupported part come in?

Thanks for your help.

Hi jbogle,

The symbol “__pgi_ctrl_init” was added to PGI release 7.1 as part of our support for tracebacks. So you’ll need to install the 7.2 portability package from our downloads page ( instead of the 7.0 package.

Another thing to try, is to statically link your program with “-Bstatic_pgi”, removing the need to use the portability package.

Hope this helps,


thanks for the help, the -Bstatic_pgi link option did work.

Is there any impact on performance between using the portability libs vs using this link flag?

Thanks again for your assistance.

Hi jbogle,

In general, Static versus Dynamic linking has little to no impact on performance on Linux. On Windows, you can see performance improvements using static linking especially when used with ADDR32 addressing mode (-Mlargeaddressaware=no).

  • Mat