Support for volumetric cloud

Does Create supports this?

I generated a cloud with this plugin in Blender but when I export to Omniverse it just shows a cube.
Also is there a quick way to create clouds in Omniverse?

it says:

Future work

  • Add automatic volume export file (VDB).

That is the one you can import to Omniverse

I found a cloud vdb file and it seems to work, but when I imported it into the scene it’s terribly slow. I’m using a A4000. Have attached the file, you can try it out. Not sure if it’s my machine or OV it’s not stable yet.

cloudVDB1.usdc (1.3 KB)

sorry I have no time to study this now, so much work at hand.
I hope Nvidia people can check out this speed issue…

Hey, i found a little time…
I followed this tutorial:

But I could not see anything :P

See, I made a video for you. First I have the Embergen free asset visible ( following the above great tutorial by Tyler ):

Then I change to your file…and nothing.
So there is something still wrong in that vbd…

I cannot help you futher, but somehow you need to compare the embergen vbd and yours…

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Thanks a lot, this method works! I could never have figured this out on my own.

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