Supported Baud Rates for the Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) UARTC


I’m using the SPE UARTC to read data from a sensor which is configured for 460800 bps. The data I’m reading appears to be corrupted. What BAUD rates are supported by the SPE? I’m using the uart-tegra driver and modeled my code after uart-app.c in the rt-aux-cpu-demo.


Please check this discussion thread:
The limitation is ~ 7.3Mbps. 460800bps looks fine. Please run cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/clk_tree to get rate of usrtc.

This post probably helps:

I’m using the Sensor Processing Engine, so I’m not sure those other posts are going to be helpful. The device tree has uartc removed from the CCPLEX so I can use it with the SPE. I’m following the instruction in the Jetson Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) Developer Guide
r32.2 Release
, UART application (app/uart-app.c) section. How do I configure the UARTC clock for the SPE?

$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/clk_tree | grep uartc
	uartc			enabled: 0	refcounts: 0,0,	rate: 6981819

Is rate suppose to be divisible by 460800?

So those links did help, thanks! The clock was off by 11%, so I adjusted the bps setting to

struct tegra_uart_conf uart_conf = {
		.stop_bits = TEGRA_UART_STOP_BITS_1,
		.data_bits = TEGRA_UART_DATA_BITS_8,
		.baud = 514483,
//		.baud = 460800,

and it worked. Unfortunately this is an unacceptable hack. Any ideas how to fix it properly?

Please measure the signal clock when you set to .baud = 460800. It is possible the clock source(PLLP) cannot be divided into the exact 460800. It looks fine to set to a bit higher clock value.

When measured with a scope, the baud rate is 412876 bps when .baud = 460800. How do I adjust the PLLP source? What other subsystem will adjusting the PLLP effect?


As its already mentioned, its possible that based on divisor the actual baud rate may be settled to a lesser value. This happens when the divisor is set by either on lower or upper bound of the actual required divisor.

For example:
Source clock Rate: 408 MHz
Required Baud Rate: 4 M
Required Baud Frequency: 64 MHz
Actual Divisor Needed: 6.375
Recommended Baud Frequency: 65.28 MHz
New Divisor Needed: 6.25
Nearest Possible Div (lower side): 6
Nearest Possible Baud Frequency: 68 MHz
Baud Error: 6.25 %
Nearest Possible Div (Upper side): 6.5
Nearest Possible Baud Frequency: 62.76923077 MHz
Baud Error: -1.923076923 %

Another suggestion to reduce the error can be by changing the clock source.
Please check with PLLC_OUT0 instead of PLLP.
Let us know if you still have the issue.

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