Suse Enterprise Linux 12 support?

Is there a schedule set when InfiniBand drivers and software will be compatible with Suse Enterprise Linux 12?

Are beta drivers and software available?

Re: Switch boot problem

Victor Medvedev (in response to Eddie S)

Thank you for the answer! I am not sure where it was bought, I am just an network administrator for the company.

How can I boot MLNX-OS image after stopping right after power-on?

I think should be something like:

hitting break sequence (ESC or ctr+B), getting into U-Boot bootprom prompt, setting IP address, pointing to boot MLNX-OS image from usb or http ot tftp or whatever, getting into MLNX-OS, putting MLNX-OS image into permanent storage of the switch, installing MLNX-OS image, reloading.

How can I do that?

Thank you in advance!

Re: Switch boot problem

Victor Medvedev (in response to Eddie S)

OK, is there a way to copy MLNX-OS image from flash memory to a USB or to a external storage via SCP or FTP ?

Or simply: if I need MLNX-OS image where can I get it for my switch model (download, etc.)? Is it for free from Mellanox website?

Thank you!


The planned release is for MLNX_OFED 2.4 which should be around somewhere first half of 2015

I’m not aware of any beta releases at this stage, however support can better answer that.