Synthetic Data Recorder gives .npy file


when I start to run “start recording” for 2D Bounding Box in Synthetic Data Recorder, it gives me .npy file as an output.
I would like to get KITTI format of the labelled images or something else for training object detection.

Is there anybody here who faced this problem?

Hi @samedhira626 ,

Please see this example for recording synthetic data in Kiiti format:


Hi @ltorabi

I’ve got the same issue- the link above just goes to the main Omniverse documentation page, and I can’t see anything obvious i.e Isaacsim>offline-training-with-tlt

Please could you let me know where I can find this info- thanks


I hope this works:3. Offline Dataset Generation — Omniverse Robotics documentation
please also see the OV replicator doc: Replicator — Omniverse Extensions documentation

thanks @ltorabi

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