Tegra 2 SBC

We have been building products based on the Jetson family of products using the TX2, Nano, Xavier NX & AGX Xavier now for around 3 years. We are wondering what it would take to build a custom SBC based on the Tegra 2 SOC?

We have a serious volume application.

The TX2, Nano, Xavier NX & AGX Xavier modules are great, but this new volume application has a few requirements that are outside the standard modules capabilities. Namely an adjustable HDMI clock rate to allow the frame accurate synchronisation of many devices running simultaneously.

Is there any information about how this could be done? Or is there someone at NVidia we can talk to about doing this?


Please check the Jetson Product Lifecycle | NVIDIA Developer

Contact Us | NVIDIA Developer

Or contact with the local distributor at your region.

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