Tegra TK1 PCIe Clocking Issue

Hello Everyone!
I am using Tegra Tk1 and creating my own design.I have to connect two Tegras as Root Complex and one processor(powerpc) as a endpoint device. So I am using PCIe Switch having non transparent port to connect more than one Tegras as a root complex.
Clocking requirement in my design are:
i) My PCIe switch gets two differential clocks from same source as an input.
ii) Each tegra outs the clock from its PCIe controller.
iii) Processor(powerpc) gets one input Differential clock.

So, How should i connect all clocks in the design. Is it necessary to use common clocking technique or i can use separate clocking?

Major Components i am using are
PCIe Switch (89HPES12NT3ZBBCI8)
Tegra (CD575M-A1)
Processor (T1042)

Hi faiz,

Could you make a simple diagram to show the connections between two Tegra and powerpc for better understanding your question?

Sir you can find diagram on the link below

I’m afraid you will have to ask switch vendor for the clock usage. Basically, if it is only a physical switch, no need external clock source for it.