Tegra X1 launch review

Jen-Hsun is high on hyperbole, Tegra X1 is incredibly powerful and graphics glossy.
The business case is excellent, car dashboard as an upgrade to mobile phone.
Might car dashboards swap out each year?
else the financial model looks constrained…

The public comments mostly found ‘cars’ theme boring.

Should developers also be concerned by this focus?

Is VisionWorks to be released?
~ its hard to functionally evaluate the underlying technologies,
& indeed the conceptual visual processing system.

A cheap Jetson 4k camera could also help…
thinks: HD*120fps

NB Qualcomm SnapDragon provides these cameras:

DNN, Autonomous, Situational awareness, Neurons and Synapse 35:10 50:25 62:45
but Nvidia Drive PX links?

A duct tape moment.


Let them sell the X1 dev board and will use it for stuff that we see fit :)

Great news, thank you for sharing peepocom. I hope there will be X1 dev board :)

So the Tablet application is a very good fit for this device meanwhile they’re trying to show that they take automotive seriously, which makes sense given the success they’ve had there.

I think the car focus is really good for us within embedded because many of the requirements in the automotive industry are also present in the broader embedded market.

Hopefully the Drive CX development board will be affordable.
Anandtech writes that the dev board should be available Q2/2015.