Tesla k20c + Quadro 2000

I have workstation with Tesla k20c and Quadro 2000. I want to use CUDA in pix4d application (requirement: CUDA 9.1 or later, gpu driver 343 or later, compute capabilty 2.1 or later). I try different ways of instalation and application doesn’t recognise CUDA gpu, so i want to know which is the best way in this computer configuration to install gpus ?


You can’t use that configuration with CUDA 9.1

CUDA 9.0 and forward dropped support for compute capability 2.x

The last CUDA version that supported Quadro 2000 is CUDA 8.0

If you want to use CUDA 9.1 you will need to physically remove the Quadro 2000 from the system.

Thanks for reply

I thinked that it could be the problem. So i must buy new card