Textures appear only if colliding objects

See video below. Texture disappears when the objects don’t collide, and they never appear if they were spawned in separate locations or even alone. They are spawned with code from omni.isaac.shapenet

        prim = stage.DefinePrim(prim_path, "Xform")

        metersPerUnit = UsdGeom.GetStageMetersPerUnit(stage)
        scaled_scale = scale / metersPerUnit
        addobject_fn(prim.GetPath(), pos, rot, scaled_scale)

Not sure if relevant but the following modifications have been done on the objects:

            result = omni.kit.commands.execute( "ChangeProperty",
              prop_path=prim_path+".physxRigidBody:disableGravity", value=True, prev=False )
            _,_ = omni.kit.commands.execute( "ChangeProperty",
              prop_path=prim_path+".physics:rigidBodyEnabled", value=False, prev=False )

And this error appears:

2022-03-30 12:22:54 [10,704,822ms] [Error] [omni.physicsschema.plugin] 
Provided mesh geom with a PhysicsCollisionAPI does not have indices, 
collision will not be created. Prim: /Test_3/model_normalized_obj/defaultobject/material_1_0

But not sure how to fix it since its spawned as in the shapenet package which automatically downloads models.

simplescreenrecorder-2022-03-30_13.11.55.mkv (2.6 MB)