The audio codec es8388 cannot be registered on Xavier NX

We want to add es8388 to our custom Xavier NX carrier board. We have compiled the codec driver into the kernel and followed this guide Audio Setup and Development. But we got the following error.

Could you please give some suggestions to fix it. Thanks!

dmesg-2.c (81.3 KB)
es8388.c (30.0 KB)
tegra_machine_driver_mobile.c (25.2 KB)
tegra194-audio-p3668.dtsi (2.4 KB)

Hi joy.chen,
not registered seems codec not resgistered in ALSA, ref Add I2S audio in the source code of JetPack4.2 - #5 by tianying414 to check your code

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your reply. Now the codec can be succesfully registered, however it cannot make sounds. Is there any reference to check where the problem is? Thanks.
d3.c (84.8 KB)

Hi joy.chen,
Please read our L4T guide to check dapm dts

also we have usage sample for your reference

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