The profiler returned an error code: 3221226505 (0xc0000409)

Target Platform: Windows. Connection:localhost
I can launch interactive profiler and system trace, but every try to non-interactive profiler failed, wither the app is an exe or python.

Hi, @345096093

Sorry for the issue you met.

  1. Can you execute the ncu command line directly to see if any other info printed ?
  2. Can you try non-interactive profile with a simple CUDA sample? Like vectorAdd, matrixMul

Thank you for your answer.
I tried, they are both no.
Could it possible that there is a WSL with Nsight Compute in my compute?
This one in the WSL can work fine.

Can you clarify your user scenario ?
Are you launching Nsight Compute on your windows ? Where is your sample located at ?
On the same machine in WSL works ?

Nsight Compute in windows itself can not non-interactivate profiler;
Nsight Compute in WSL of same windows can work fine.

I don’t think WSL will impact profile on Windows itself.
Can you try “ncu -f --section-folder-restore” to restore the sections and try ncu ${your_sample} again ?