Thin client for Windows?

Hi there.
Right now the Windows client supposes you want a VR headset on the user side. But what about an interactive 3D app on standard monitor?
We would be interested to see a “thin” client, i.e. something that does not require any local GPU on the client side but just handles interaction and streaming, so to visualize (ideally in a standard browser) the output of your application. In other words, I’d like to have my application running on the server, connect to it from a device with no real GPU (e.g. a Windows Surface) and use it from there directly, with nothing to install.

Is this something of interest for anybody else? Is there any possible path to achieve this in the current CloudXR framework?


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Hello Luca, thanks for posting. The system you describe is not on our roadmap. But, if other users are interested in expanded streaming use cases using CloudXR we would like to hear about those interests.

This would be highly interesting to me as well

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Just to add one clarification, the idea would be to have something in the same direction as the Pixel Streaming feature of UE (which is going to be “production-ready” in the upcoming release, as Epic just announced).


Thanks for the feedback Nathaniel - do you have a use case in mind?

Use case would be the ability to run VR from a thin client that would allow the user to not be tethered to a heavy PC

I second this , it would be nice for CXR (maybe with some kind of GPU cloud server/omniverse platform) to support and drive/stream to any type of clients with a focus on collaborative and scalability. Make it kinda like Zoom/MS teams style eased of joining for team collaboration but the client can also be low powered non-XR device like browser so that XR users and non-XR users are able to have collaboration or reviews in the same virtual world, or at least able to let the non-XR users see the POV of the XR users via streaming.