Thumb skips/jumps animation when using Audio2Gesture with CC4 Characters that had retargeted pose

The left thumb appears disjointed and you can see a point when the right thumb skips or jumps (0:37) in the animation produced by Audio2Gesture: hand issues a2gesture - YouTube. Note that the CC4 character required a retargeted pose, due to the default pose causing collision issues and misaligned shoulders. The exact pose adjustments made can be seen in this forum post: Animation Retargeting/Retarget Pose with Audio2Gesture and CC4 Characters - #4 by lhalper

Hello @tsaguindel! I’ve shared this post with the dev team for further assistance. Would you be able to share your scene file with us? You can email it to me here at:


Email sent, thanks!

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Re the thumb jumps, it would be good to see if this comes from retargeting or if it comes from A2G.
I suspect this comes from retargeting.
You can try apply the same audio and A2G on the a2g skeleton and see if such jump happens on it or not.

If it’s indeed coming from retargeting, try add custom tags on both the A2G skeleton and target skeleton on the base of thumb joint.

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