Topic: How to enable the dual HDMI on Xavier without the USB Type C controller?

We build our board for Xavier without the Type-C controller.

We notice that the BSP will use the Mux of the Type-C controller to check the interface is USB 3.0 or DP.

We need a way to bypass this check, or our board is not able to enalbe the DP port.

Do you have any suggestion?

Hi sadless,

We’re discussing to publish the binary file to download center, but waiting the legal review if could under standard L4T terms. Please stay tuned.


Hi sadless,

If you don’t have the type C controller and you want to enable the display port.
Please remove the


under sor0 and sor1
in this dts file → common/tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-common.dtsi

Hi WayneWWW

we have only one carried board.the carried board have dual HDMI.

we use HDMI_DP1 pin and HDMI_DP2 pin to make dual HDMI.

Could you change the topic of this thread? The title shows you want to enable DP…
If this is for dual HDMI, the debug steps should be same as another thread you filed.

Any update for this topic?

Hi WayneWWW

i followed this topic and try many time.
but now still not work.

could you give more information or right step?

Hi etta,

Sure. Please follow up below rule for debugging and reply forum.

  1. Please share kernel log after you changed anything in device tree/kernel.
  2. Please tell us what you’ve modified. Sometimes the users change something but forget to tell us.

For current status,

default display config on devkit.

sor0 ->dp (type c)
sor1 ->dp (type c)
sor2 ->hdmi

So any sor config for enabling hdmi on sor0/1 can be copied from sor2.

  1. please remove “nvidia,typec-port” under sor0/1

  2. Change the status the hdmi-display to okay.
    nvidia,active-panel = <&sor0_dp_display>; # this needs to be changed.
    sor0_hdmi_display # this need to be enabled
    sor0_dp_display #this need to be disabled.

  3. check if tegradc probe in dmesg has started to probe hdmi.

I would suggest you to enable only one head now. Otherwise the log from unrelated display head would increase the difficulty of debug.