Torque monitoring for joints

Hi, I’m trying to implement dynamic simulation in Isaac Sim for a given 7dof arm. In particular, the arm has correct mass and inertial properties, and I would like to estimate the forces and the torques acting on each joint related to the arm movement (accelerating, moving at constant speed, holding position against gravity due to the link weight of the structure). In the 2022 version I saw that by means of the articulation force sensor it was possible to get a real time estimate of the forces acting on a link level, and I saw that in Monitoring Torque you guys mentioned not to use this feature but to wait for a new one for the 2023 release. In the 2023 release I cannot find any type of force sensor, but I noticed that it is possible to monitor linear velocity and acceleration by means of the Inspect physics function. Is there any feature that allows to do the same thing for forces or torques? Thanks in advance for your help

Adding to the comment. I tried as well using dc.get_articulation_dof_efforts(articulation). Unfortunately this results in an array of all zeros for the seven joints. At the same time, I found the possibility to read the joint efforts in the Articulation Inspector. The numbers, in this case, are higher then expected for the robot. Are those joint torques? And is it possible to know how are they computed?

Hi @rarduini - This document can help you with your request: Effort Sensor — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

Hi @rthaker, thank you very much for your reply. I read the documentation, but still there is no mention to how the effort of the joint is computed. Is it
a) based on the PD Articulation Controller for the joints or
b) taking into account mass and inertia of the links of the arm and the accelerations/velocities of the joints?