The forces read with the joint force sensor are unreasonably high


I’m trying to perform simulation of a real process where forces on the tcp of the robot are being recorded. I found out that on Isaac SIM, although the shape of the force is apparently correct, I am obtaining values for the forces that are excessively high compared with the real setup. Attached you can find two graphs, one with the real data (bottom) from the robot and the other with simulated data (top).

The forces that I am reading are the ones on articulation 10, which I assumed are the ones on the wrist of the robot like the sensor the UR5e has.

The application is basically trying to insert a piece into another while using force control.

Are the values of forces given by get_articulation_force_sensor given in Newtons?

Thank you in advance

Hi @adapa20 - You should use following docs to tune the robots to reflect forces correctly.