How to add a FT sensor using for peg in hole tasks?

I am preparing to simulate a peg in hole task based on FT sensors. I try to add a Articulation force sensor on the end-effect of the robot.However ,the value read from the sensor was strange.
Is there an example about how to install a Ft sensor on the robot end-effect flange and read the correctly value of contact force and torque? Thanks!

Here was one of the strange value, as the figure below, I add a force sensor on panda_hand, the cube mass was set to 0.5, however, the force z value before and after grip the cube was nearly same (about 7.9N,In theory, it should be 7.9+0.5*9.8=12.8N).


without checking out your model, I am not sure what is wrong here. However, we are introducing new articulation APIs for the upcoming Isaac sim release that would allow you to model FT sensors through fixed joints close to the end-effector.

Thanks,the Model was create from Isaac Examples->Manipulation->simple stack.
Can you provide an example, because the tutorials in Force Sensor — isaacsim latest documentation ( was too simple…
Looking forward to the release of the new version