Trying to disable PCIe spread spectrum clocking in Orin -- cannot find definitions for TEGRA234_CLK_PLLNVHS, etc

I am trying to disable PCIe spread spectrum clocking in Orin. I followed the instructions found in the How to disable Spread Spectrum Clocking(SSC) on Orin - #3 by kayccc post, but when I recompile using dtc with the patched tegra234-bpmp-3701-0004-3737.dts file with dtc using with the following patch:

tegra234-bpmp-3701-0004-3737-0000.dts.patch (528 Bytes)

which results in the following dts file:
tegra234-bpmp-3701-0004-3737-0000.dts (221.6 KB)

The dtc command is:

dtc -I dts -o tegra234-bpmp-3701-0004-3737-0000.dtb -O dtb tegra234-bpmp-3701-0004-3737-0000.dts

I get the following error from dtc:

Error: tegra234-bpmp-3701-0004-3737-0000.dts:372.14-15 syntax error

It seems that it cannot find definitions for TEGRA234_CLK_PLLE, TEGRA234_CLK_PLLGBE, and TEGRA234_CLK_PLLNVHS.

I decompiled all of the dtb files in all of the subdirectories under Linux_for_tegra/bootloader and I cannot find a definitions for these clock-ids. Where should I look or what are they?


Sorry, this is the info you need.
The clk id of TEGRA234_CLK_PLLE is 100, so hex value 0x64
TEGRA234_CLK_PLLGBE is 319, hex value 0x13f
TEGRA234_CLK_PLLNVHS is 243, hex value 0xf3.

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