How to disable PCIe SSC of interface CEM connector on the Orin

Does anyone know how to disable SSC on the interface of CEM connector in dts of Orin? I followed the below post, but not sure if it is correct, since the SDK I am using is the latest new one:

please refer to the tuning guide.

would you please add a link where this “tuning guide”???

Most of document is over here.

thanks, it mentioned there is patch-B:

do you know where is it?


There should be attachments in the PDF file, are you able to see that?

Hii @WayneWWW

I just used dtc tool to convert dtb to dts, and modified the dts, then converted it back to dtb. however, Orin still cannot detect my PCIe device. After all, I also applied the PCIe driver patch. But there will be lots of PCIe errors. I will post these errors tomorrow later.

BTW do you know how to check wether I disabled SSC correctly?

Are you sure your issue is related to “disabling SSC”? We never had a detection issue that requires to disable SSC…

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