Turing Variable Rate Shading in VRWorks

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/turing-variable-rate-shading-vrworks/

NVIDIA Turing GPUs enable a new, easily implemented rendering technique, Variable Rate Shading (VRS). VRS increases rendering performance and quality by applying varying amount of processing power to different areas of the image. VRS works by changing the number of pixels that can be processed by a single pixel shader operation. Single pixel shading operations can…

Regarding performance gains, will DLSS work in VR?

since september 2015 the sony z5 premium gave you 8 mpixel resolution in VR (cardboard like)

Very cool... I hope that eye tracking vendors will apply it immediately to VR!

I hope flight simulators will apply these kind of features as soon as possible. We really need those 90fps to enjoy flying.