Turn off GPU similar to CPU

How to make the gpu offline like cpu in Jetson TX2?

I don’t believe you can disable GPU in the same way as CPU cores (and core0 can’t be disabled). If you run “lsmod” you will see that module “nvgpu” is normally loaded, and you could probably rmmod this if and only if the module is not being used. This would probably reduce power consumption, but it wouldn’t be the same because the power rails would still be up. You might be able to disable power rails in device tree, but then you’re never going to be able to use the GPU even with the module present…you’d end up re-flashing to use the GPU again.

Thanks for the reply. We are working on model where we have constant energy. I am measuring the energy spent on which part of the tx2 board,(cpu or gpu). Our applications do not use gpu. But still I could see some energy is used by gpu. Is there anyway we can make the gpu in sleep mode?

We are measuring the energy spent using power rails.

You may try to slow down GPU clock if possible. Have a look to :

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/clk/gpcclk/clk_rate
sudo cat /sys/devices/17000000.gp10b/devfreq/17000000.gp10b/min_freq # Path might depend on your L4T

Have a look to jetson_clocks script for more details.