TX1 and RoboRIO

HEllo guys. NVIDIA and OpenZeka gave to us a NVIDIA TX1. We wanna use this TX1 in First Robotic Competition. But we have no idea about TX1 and RoboRIO connection. Im the programmer of the FRC team and Im programming robot on LabVIEW. So what should I do? Greetings from Turkey. : )

The easiest way is probably to connect both the RoboRIO and the TX1 to the ethernet ports on your wireless access point. At that point, you can communicate over the network. From your roborio, you can access the jetson at the address “tegra-ubuntu.local”

Thanks for the answer. My second question is how we program the robot? I was programming on LabVIEW. I have seen LabVIEW Ubuntu version but there isnt any FRC plugin for Ubuntu. So should ve program Eclipse? Sorry for these question I’m new at NVIDIA Jetson TX1. But I realy wanna learn this module.

Have a nice day!