TX1- ETHERNET suddenly disconnected

Hellow, I encounter a strange issue with my ETHERNET connection.
My TX1 is connected to a host PC via SSH. In some random cases, it just disconnected and the only way to get back to a normal state is unplug&plug again the cable.
When it works well, the ‘ifconfig’ output shows me the right IPv4 address for eth0.
When it fails, ‘ifconfig’ does not print the IPv4 address for eth0 (only inet6), instead there are another 2 lines start with ‘eth0:avahi’ with some different inet4 address.

Does anyone knows how to fix this issue?

Screenshot from 2018-01-28 10-54-10_.png

The “169.x.x.x” address occurs when something needs the interface but no actual address is assigned…it isn’t unlike loopback, but it is more intended for hotplug, e.g., WiFi enabled/disabled. This probably shouldn’t show up on a wired network connection which was previously running and the cable is not intentionally removed.

There were some people with 10G (10 gigabit) adapters running into an interface dropping in and out under heavy traffic…I don’t know if that was ever solved, but I think after the dropout the interface came back up by itself. When your address drops is there a heavy load?

avahi appears when you didn’t a valid (whether fixed or dynamic) IP from router. Could you paste out the dmesg when eth0 is gone? Also, please make sure this error can be reproduced with every cable.