TX2 4GB version with the Auvidea J90 Carrier Board

Hello all,

I was wondering if there has been any support/hacks for using the 4GB version of the NVIDIA TX2 with the Auvidea J90 carrier boards.

Jetpack 3.2/3.3 does not support the 4GB version of the TX2, in which the drivers for the TX2 on the J90 are designed for and have not been updated for Jetpack version 4 or higher. (see https://auvidea.eu/firmware/)

Does anyone know of any fixes or workarounds that will allow it to work?
Does anyone know how to force the older Jetpack 3.2/3.3 to accept the new 4GB version of the TX2 - maybe forcing Jetpack 3.2/3.3 recovery usb target ID to change target?
(lsusb of 4GB results in: ID 0955:7418 NVidia Corp., instad of 0955:7c18 on the 8GB TX2)

Any help would be appreciated.
Jean-Luc Stevens