tx2 cannot find firmware direct firmware load for tegra18x_xusb_firmware failed with error 2

hello, today I start the TX2 and it cannot boot strangely.
tx2 cannot find firmware direct firmware load for tegra18x_xusb_firmware failed with error 2
falling back to user helper.

Please do clean re-flash via Jetpack and try again.

Well folks, after doing this on my specific installation on a Jetson TX2, I’ll give up. My host is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, JetPack 3.3 preps on it OK. Choosen Full Install on target TX2. The whole thing connected with Wired LAN (both host and TX2). After 5 tries and persistently getting this idential error in Dmesg, I’ll really no idea what’s going wrong.

Direct firmware load for tegra18x_xusb_firmware failed with error -2

So please don’t come up with this advice for a clean re-flash. I did that 5 times before :-(

Any other suggestion how to handle this error? Right now the board is useless. Although SSH is working properly (how could I otherwise get access to Dmes?), USB connected keyboard and mouse aren’t working. And the ultimate goals is to get ZED Stereovision connected. Therefor a working USB interface is a must have. So, I’m qute stuck right now.

Thanks for anybody paying attention to this.


Did you build your rootfs on host on ext4 filesystem ?
Does a command with sudo works on Jetson, such as:

sudo ls

If it shows

sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set

this would confirm this, so you would make a partition with ext4 filesystem on host for building the rootfs.

You may also be sure to have enough free space on this partition, and do not reuse a directory with a previous JetPack download. So you may also try to download a fresh JetPack into a brand new directory and retry.

Thanks for your quick response. rootfs on host is an EXT4 type unfortunately. sudo works as expected. So it looks this is not the case. The filesystem where the JetPack file sets have been stored is another one because of lack of disk space on rootfs. I can’t imagine this might influence the installation of the s/w stuff on the TX2.

If the host lacks disk space, then the flash will work without any sign of error. The image will simply be truncated and you will have no idea which part of the rootfs is missing.

Ok, whatever the reason might be, but it works now. I changed my secondary filesystem to an EXT4 one. Took a high quality USB OTG cable and preloaded de JetPack filesets agian. And now it finaly works. No clear sign what the original error caused. Nevertheless thanks for your support guys. Case closed.

A non-ext4 base file system (presumably something from Windows) will have no ability to understand Linux file permissions. If the old file system type was NTFS or VFAT (or anything not native Linux), then flash will appear to succeed, but failure will be guaranteed 100%.

Well than I assume I’ve fighting with this for the whole time. Thanks for clarifying it and I’m glad we just in time could show the potential of TX with ZED Stereovision Camera.