Direct firmware load for tegra21x_xusb_firmware failed with error -2

I am trying to boot the nano by flashing jetson-nano-sd-r32.1.1-2019-05-31 using etcher.

Whatever i do, and however i write that image, I am getting this error.

Direct firmware load for tegra21x_xusb_firmware failed with error -2

Any one knows what is the problem and how it can we fixed ?

I have read in the forum that we can boot from usb sticks but that is something that i don’t want to do for my setup.

Any help will be appreciated.



Are you using Etcher tool to flash image into SD card?
Your host machine is Ubuntu 16.04? or Windows?

Reference guide:

I am using etcher as mentioned above.

I am using Ubuntu 16.04.


Can you download Etcher tool again?

And insert SD card to USB card reader try again. Thanks!


What is the exact error here? One line error from UART? Could you share the full log?
Is your usb device working after boot up?

I have already tried this.

When i am inserting the memory card in Jetson and powering it on, i see NVIDIA Logo. after that it says that HDMI is plugged and i get this error. I am attaching a screenshot for reference.

Direct firmware load for tegra21x_xusb_firmware failed with error -2

How can i do get the log in this case ?



I think you have similar issue with this one:

Actually, if it boots up normally, there should be ubuntu GUI showing up on your HDMI monitor and ask you to use keyboard + mouse to configure your user account. The other user then hit usb error and cannot configure account and stuck.

Could you

  1. enable the uart debugger to dump full log

  2. go to the #37 of that thread and use that script to bypass the account configuration of ubuntu?

Also, since you miss both gui and usb firmware, could you help go to below folder of your host and check whether usb firmware exists or not?

-> nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.2_Linux_P3448/Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/lib/firmware/tegra21x_xusb_firmware