TX2 Datasheets

I am using an adafruit 16-channel pwm/servo driver for a project and was using the Adafruit Blinka Repo that is a python library to interface with their products. They have support for Jetson boards. I am having trouble drawing correlations between their pin definitions and what is in the TX2 data sheet. Here are the pin definitions inside of the above adfruit blinka repo. It seems like the most common is to use the J21 header pinout, but I don’t see any J pin definitions in the data sheet. And in adafruit’s definition it seems like there are only a couple J pins defined. Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to read the tx2 data sheet and correlate it to the board? Thanks you so much in advance.

hello cbarb2747,

please access pinmux spreadsheets for download center to check the signal mappings.

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Thank you so much Jerry Chang