Tx2 decode h264 in queue cause dump

Hi, I have test h264 decode on TX2 by jetson_multimedia_api(00_video_decode), for interlace mode h264, some times will cause exception.

The TX2 env is jetpack 4.4, test data is in appendix.
Test cmd is :./video_decode H264 --disable-rendering -queue h264_data/1.264 h264_data/2.264 h264_data/3.264 h264_data/4.264

h264_data.zip (1.2 MB)

It looks like 1.264, 2.264, 3.264 do not contain enough frames. You may try

00_video_decode$ cp 4.264 1.264
00_video_decode$ cp 4.264 2.264
00_video_decode$ cp 4.264 3.264
00_video_decode$ ./video_decode H264 --disable-rendering -queue 1.264 2.264 3.264 4.264