TX2 WiFi Antenna configuration

We have been experiencing an issue with the Wi-Fi onboard the Jetson TX2 module. Whilst the module advertises support for 2x2 Wi-Fi, it appears that when operating in Access Point mode for a 2.4Ghz network that only one antenna is utilised for the connection.

Beacon packets are emitted from both UFL connections, however when a client attempts to attach only the primary (UFL near the corner) is used. If you have only one antenna connected to the secondary UFL you see the signal strength collapses, and more often then not you fail to connect.

The Wi-Fi chip and firmware appears to be the BCM4354 &

Do you know if there are any tweaks that can be made to the Broadcom setting to enable both Antenna ports to be used for Access Point?

That’s Broadcom’s firmware, I don’t think we can do any setting changes.

Do you have a contact at broadcom that I may be able to direct this query too. If its a known limitation of the chipset or something that can be solved with another firmware load.

Would you please run throughput test in AP mode. Keep both antennas connected. Check throughput to see if it corresponds to SISO or MIMO mode. Make sure that there is no interference on channel on which test is being run to keep data easily understandable.

We thought there is SISO/MIMO issue.

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