ubuntu 11.10 Intel i7 3610QM with GT 650M can not Install the driver

hello , my pc is ASUS N56V. and i want to run CUDA program . i have try many mothed to install graphics driver. but failed. firt of all ,i download the graphics driver from nvidia web .and i turn off the lightdm ,and sudo sh *.run . but when i run nvidia-setting , i got error. so i try to use bumblebbe,and i failed. would you give me some advices to install graphics driver of GT 650? thanks a lot . addition: i have test the CUDA 5.0 with graphics driver. and i face the some error with mothed one.

You can install the NVIDIA driver without modifying xorg, as that will leave you with a system that does not boot to the gui, and manually modprobe the driver… That should allow you to run CUDA programs that do not depend on the display:

see: http://forums.accelereyes.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2045#p6680
disregard the MATLAB/ginfo stuff, that was for a particular CUDA add-on to matlab I was testing at the time. You might need to run the cuda programs as root, or perhaps not.

Other than this half-assed hack, I’d suggest you try with bumblebee from scratch without having installed the NVIDIA driver in the first place… if that is an optimus notebook, it’s probably the only way to make the card work fully via the optirun syntax. Post on their support website as they should have a better idea of any issues with a particular setup.