install closed driver ubuntu 12.10

I’ve a GeForce 710M and ad integrated HD Intel 4000, I tried to install the NVIDIA drivers 310.40 without success (the resolution and the GL library are messed up).
I want to use cuda, i’ve to install the closed driver or can I use the open (xserver-xorge-video-nouveau)?

You cannot use CUDA with nouveau.

You laptop has Optimus, so you’ve got to go here:

why I can’t install the closed driver?

You should be able to install the driver either through Ubuntu’s package manager, or by using the .run file with the --no-opengl-files option. Also, when it asks if you want it to modify your xorg.conf file for you to make X use the NVIDIA GPU, answer no (since you want to keep using your Intel GPU for that).

too late!!! i’ve successfully install bumblebee and now i can use CUDA and nvdia optimus.
i wrote this guide (italian):

if you found it interesting i can translate it for this forum. ;)