Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty on Nvidia Titan X Pascal 2016: cannot install

I’m not sure this is the best forum to ask, but I’m kind of stumped here and I’m out of ideas.

I’m trying to setup a system (home-made PC, reasonably new CPU and motherboard) for CUDA and machine learning. Previously I had a GTX 750 Ti on that system, and installing Ubuntu 14.04 went just fine. I was then able to install the Nvidia graphics driver, CUDA libraries, cuDNN, TensorFlow - all that was also fine.

I’ve replaced the 750 with the most recent Titan X Pascal. Trying to boot up the system in Linux, I got a blank screen when switching to graphics mode. Okay, no problem, I was planning to reinstall it anyway.

So now I’m booting the Ubuntu 14.04 installer on that system, and I have the same issue. Everything seems fine, until the installer is trying to switch from text mode to the graphics mode. Then the screen goes blank.

To make it very clear, I realize this is not an issue with the Nvidia driver. It’s with whatever driver comes with Ubuntu 14.04. However, I hope someone will have a useful suggestion here - the main goal, again, is to install Ubuntu 14.04, the Nvidia driver, the CUDA libraries, and some machine learning tools.


I should add, on the same system with Titan X, Windows 10 works great with the Nvidia driver. The Titan X board is fine. It just doesn’t seem to work with Ubuntu 14.04 for some reason.

Found a solution.

It turns out I was working with the Ubuntu 14.04.4 installer. For some reason, that version (which is not the most recent) has issues switching to graphics mode on the Titan X.

I’ve downloaded and tested the 14.04.5 installer, which is currently the latest, and that one worked. The installer switched from text mode to graphics mode just fine on the Titan X and I was able to complete the installation. The installed OS also switched to graphics mode.

One remaining issue is that the graphics mode is not the native 1920 x 1080 resolution of the screen. It’s a much lower resolution. I’ll install Nvidia’s proprietary driver and see if that helps. But that’s a separate issue.