Ubuntu 15.10 and GTX960


Maybe my question will be a bit noobish or off topic, sorry about that. (If it does not fit the rules of the forum feel free to delete it).

I will use a GTX960 in the near future (my last nvidia card was a GTS250 so since that time everything might have changed a lot) under Windows and Ubuntu in dual boot.

If my information is right, since Maxwell nVidia creates their GPUs to run in a quiet, fanless mode. That means while the core does not reach a specific level of heat, the fans will not turn on. Will it turn on under 3D applications? Under Windows it is known to be working, but what is the current state under Ubuntu or other Linux distros?

My only question is that: During the installation process - when the proprietary driver is not available - will the cooling of the card be OK?
In other words: In case if the opensource driver (nouveau) which is shipped by default with Ubuntu does not give a full functionality to my card (e.g.: I will have to use nomodeset or something like that), the temperature and the control of the fans will be alright?

Which I really want to know is that if the proprietary driver is not present in the system the cooling of the device is controlled by the hardware itself in a safe way?

Thanks for your time and answer!


afaik, nouveau still doesn’t even support re-clocking of Maxwell GPUs, so they’ll just run in the lowest power state until you install the Nvidia driver.

Thanks for your answer. :)