Ubuntu 20.04 stuck on boot screen after installing Nvidia driver

Hey there,
I have an unfortunate encounter with the Nvidia driver while using it on Ubuntu 20.04. I have hp Omen with Geforce GTX 1650 GPU. I recently dual booted my PC but I’m facing some issues.

When I install Nvidia driver on Ubuntu 20.04 and reboot the PC, it gets stuck on the boot screen. After some iteration and some google searches I figured out that the problem is with the Nvidia driver.

I pressed Crtl+Alt+F3 to open command line interface and then from there I purged the driver which I had just installed and then rebooted it again. This time it booted perfectly.

The whole procedure of downloading-purging-reinstalling about 5-6 times prompted me to post it here. For some users purging and reinstalling works, but unfortunately that’s not the case with me.

Looking for help!


I am also facing same problem.
Looking for help.